Our Staff

Our Staff

What’s great about the culture at Dandy Candy Cannabis Co. is that all of our employees have a hand in making art and in making people happy. We strive to stay ahead of current trends, while still offering you the best tasting edibles you have ever had. Our talented staff loves a challenge and we bring the same level of care and detail to every one of our creations.

Brenda Stanley

Creator, Co-Founder

I’m a wife, mother, and mimi to two adorable grandchildren. I was perfectly happy being semi retired until I was diagnosed with arthritis and ICC (Interstitial Cystitis). After two years of constant pain, I needed some relief. Missing the active lifestyle I was once used to and unwilling to take opioids, I started researching other options that were natural and non-habit-forming. After two years of putting my life on hold, I found the relief I was looking for in cannabis. That is how the “Dandy Candy Cannabis Company“ was born! We offer top of the line edibles, extracted with a CO2 extraction machine that keeps the turpines and cannabinoids in tact, which help with a multitude of ailments. I hope you enjoy our edibles and find the relief I did!

Beth Stanley

Marketing, Co-Founder

Hello there! I’ve lived in Oklahoma my entire life and graduated with an advertising degree in mass communications from the University of Oklahoma. I’m very excited to get into this new business venture of making the highest quality CBD and cannabis products available on the market. I believe together as a team, we can greatly enhance not only the quality of edibles on the market, but the taste as well! With that being our main focus, we hope you enjoy our products and look forward for more to come!

Shawnna June


I enjoy long walks on the beach, petting dogs, and tacos.. oh wait.. wrong website. On a serious note though, I’ve grown up in a cooking centered family, but I really got into baking while being a stay at home mom. The years I was at home, I tried many recipes and have enjoyed making food for people that love to eat! Since then, my baking has improved, as well as, my cake decorating skills. I am excited to say that I’ve recently ventured off into more categories of the baking industry and making my mark in the candy world. I look to improve myself daily and to empower others to function to the best of their ability as we work as a team. I look forward to everything I can bring to Dandy Candy Cannabis and to give people an idea of what delicious tastes like.